HYMN Advance Material Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, the R & D team of which, with rich experience in R&D and product development of polymer materials, is led by academicians and composed of more than ten doctors and scientists. The company's operation management team is composed of many top multinational executives with rich experience in marketing and operation management.



HYMN Advance Material provides the optimal solutions to the heat dissipation problem for various industries including data center equipment, 5G mobile phones, 5G base stations, AI chips, pan-electronic consumer terminal, new energy vehicles, IC packaging and many other business areas based on the industry chain of 5g alliance and SAIC automobile.



There are a series of thermal conductive material products in the company including thermal gel, thermal pad, thermal silicone grease and composite materials of thermal graphite pad, the thermal conductivity of which has reached and surpassed the international advanced level. Moreover, the performance of its products is ahead of the current products in the market because it has been specially optimized in terms of oil-bleeding and aging resistance.

In terms of testing, HYMN Advance Material has a series of material detection equipment, meanwhile, the company is committed to become a global leader in thermal conductivity materials, so it is also actively advocating product testing standards and parameter standards with Chinese independent intellectual property rights.




The company has capacity of complete industrialization. At present, the company has bases for pilotscale experiment, R & D and production in Bao'an, Shenzhen. It can not only increase output, but also achieve environmental protection, energy saving, green demonstration factory because the production line realizes automatic production process, and the key equipment belongs to independent research and development.



It brings about the continuous improvement of the power density of chips, the increasingly serious thermal problems of chips as our human society has entered a period of rapid development and various industries put users’experience first in terms of products, therefore, our customers in industry expect heat dissipation materials and composites with higher performance.

HYMN Advance Material’s products are widely used in a variety of industries including communications, new energy, consumer electronics and automobiles.